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Joryel Vera is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, since 1987, award winning
designer and manufacturer of quality 925 Silver and Gemstone jewelry.
In 2008, his wife, Nev Vera joined the company. Today, Nev collaborates with Joryel on every aspect of the business.

The Joryel Vera Collection has unique features that distinguish it from jewelry on
the market with its design and technical appearance. You will discover silver jewelry in a wide array of styles, sizes, looks and price ranges in the Collection.

Early in his designing career he chose to focus exclusively on manufacturing silver jewelry and with that commitment he helped to change the status quo for people selling silver and gemstone Jewelry. Giving new value to silver through creating a higher quality standard, in tarnish resistant silver surface finishes, adding special faceted gemstones of better quality as well as merchandising silver jewelry displays like a fine gold jewelry presentation.

“Making jewelry is a special privilege, because it becomes a part of a
birthday gift, engagement, or anniversary. We help create a memory that
will be special to those individuals forever, knowing and sharing in this
gives a unique satisfaction.”

Your JORYEL VERA Jewelry has been crafted in our workshops where each jewel goes through our high quality control standard we give meticulous attention to
every detail of the production process. We certify that all Joryel Vera Fine Jewelry pieces are made of silver and 925 hallmarked and signed with the JV logo. The gemstones are of the best quality available, most being custom cut for a given design.

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