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No one really knows how they grow a true mystery my personal fascination for natures true colors, I wanted to make available to everyone affordable high quality gemstones for my Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection.

Unique, special cuts of semi-precious stones using old standards to create the new. Example when you hear "brilliant or princess cut", you think of how diamonds are cut, when you hear "emerald cut", you think of Emeralds.
I use all this classic cutting in semi-precious color, many stones are special faceting cuts to enhance a design. 

I have cut every practical shape, imaginable: Cushion buff tops / Faceted cushion cut / Princess cut rectangles / Emerald bars cut / Brilliant cut rounds.

Designer stones in the rich color tones of

Amethyst / Blue Topaz / Black Onyx / Citrine / Garnet / Iolite / Lapis / Moonstones / Peridot, and a variety of Colored Quartz

The Joryel Vera 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Collections.
"It's about designing jewelry to Romance the Beauty of the Gemstones"
Designer Joryel Vera
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