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Fun on the JV auction site.

The idea is to create your own purchase price and have a unique buying experience, a real opportunity to purchase your  favorite JV jewelry design at a price you choose. 

Premium quality craftsmanship and gemstones at a price you choose... You can afford now more than ever to treat yourself.

The jewelry selection for the auction site is made with the following reasoning in mind. Please, take just a moment so you understand just how great a deal you may get to enjoy.


You have to check every time we post new items for auction you are contacted because you never know when your dream piece from your JV wish will be put on auction. Every time NEW pieces are posted on the auction site, one will be a JV members wish list.

So you never know when your favorite  jewel will be posted … so make it a habit to come to the auction site and to check and make purchase bid.

Bidding always starts way below retail value. We price to entice JV dares to be affordable.

  1. You will find JV  limited edition pieces for final clearance we will always post how many are for sale.
  2. Fine gemstone jewelry that is made available in limited quantities. 
  3. New  designs and older designs alike Modern Jewelry that never goes out of style.   “The Best of the Best”
  4. As they say one persons treasure is another persons treasure, especially at these prices.

This will all make for your amazing shopping experience…


It is used in the Eastern US time zone.