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Friday, Mar 11, 2016

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Jewelry design gallery opens its door to local visual artists


Fort Lauderdale, 3/11/2016 - What happens when a well-known jewelry designer teams up with a non-profit organization to promote and support local artists? In a Sea of Jewels – an art exhibition is the result of this unparalleled partnership between Joryel and Nev Vera, who will be opening the doors of their prestigious gallery in Fort Lauderdale to showcase the work of local artists curated by ArtServe, an arts incubator that for the past 25 years has become a leading source of programs and resources for artists and cultural organizations. 


In a world where there is never enough space to display true art, this initiative will benefit some of South Florida's top artists, who will have an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work at  Vera Gallery, and the entire community will be introduced to stunning yet affordable art pieces.


In a Sea of Jewels opens on Tuesday, April 12, featuring works by visual artists Didi Marchi, Lifrancis Rojas, Edward Burton, Lola Savoy, Rod Davila, Tristina Dietz Elmes and Darren Johnson, all curated by ArtServe. The exhibition will also display artwork by Laura Mendola and Stan O'Neil, specialized in glass blowing, sculptor Zalizh Zalkind, Gerry Owen, and jewelry designers Patrick Murphy and Joryel Vera himself, who has always wanted to integrate more art into his jewelry showroom in Fort Lauderdale by supporting talented local and emerging artists.


-          "ArtServe, an award-winning non-profit, seemed to be the perfect partner for our first event. The high caliber and broad range of their artist members will provide perfect complement to our art-inspired original jewelry collection." – Joryel Vera


Known for credibility and mission to help artists turn their artwork into business, ArtServe recognizes the importance of great partnerships. "We are thrilled to provide this unique opportunity to our talented member artists," notes Jaye Abbate, ArtServe president and CEO. "Partnering with business owners like Joryel and Nev who find creative ways to support local artists goes right to the core of the ArtServe mission. And Joryel's exquisite jewelry pieces are each singular works of art themselves. It's an ideal combination."


All pieces on display will be for sale, and will be discounted 15% on the night of the opening reception only. 


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When: Tuesday, April 12 from 6pm to 9pm

Where: Vera Gallery @ 3020 NE 32nd Avenue, Suite: 107 Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308

Vera Gallery Hours:

The exhibit will be open Tuesday thru Sunday from 2pm to 7pm






Didi Marchi

Didi March was born in Brazil, where she worked as a Psychologist for 36 years. Moving to the United States in 1989, to Michigan, she started art classes and began to paint and sculpt. It was while comparing the Brazilian sunny and bright days with the snowy and dark days of Michigan that Didi discovered her love for capturing mesmerizing Horizons, in all of their colorful explosions. Creating those colorful paintings was one way to “survive”.


Lifrancis Rojas

Art is not only colors and forms, it is also texture that makes us remember the feeling of the sand under our feet, warm ocean water on our skin, the rough touch of a tree trunk and the crunchiness of the dry leaves on an autumn play date afternoon.  Everything fuses to trick our minds and take us to our dreams, memories and wishes.


Darren Johnson

Inspired by iconic industrial designs from architectural elements, Darren Johnson utilizes the classic lost wax method of bronze casting for his sculptures. There is an underlying theme in all of his work; He captures the dynamic human interaction of passions we experience in life. While this sophisticated movement in his work is known as contemporary abstract, the representation of human emotion is clear on display.


Edward Burton

Edward was born in California to a family of artists, and with the encouragement of his parents and teachers, he attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where he studied illustration and fine art. After graduating, Edward worked as a freelance illustrator doing artwork for books and trade magazines until 2001 when he began painting in his own studio full time. In 2013, Edward, his wife and their two dogs fulfilled their dream to move to South Florida, drawn by the endless beaches, lush tropical landscape, diverse culture and vibrant art scene.


Lola Savoy

As a creative director, Lola Savoy worked and designed with the use of computers for more than 20 years, and while it took her some time to fully enjoy the freedom of painting by hand, it is at her studio where Savoy truly let go of the “corporate-perfection” to embrace “artistic imperfections”.


Tristina Dietz Elmes 

Tristina Dietz Elmes grew up in Asia in the 1960's and 70's where she soaked up the oriental culture, developed an appreciation for the arts (ancient art was all around her) and formed an innate sense of balance and color. While living in Korea, Tristina found fascination with ink and rice paper paintings. In Taiwan she studied Chinese language, character painting and flower arranging. The daughter of a linguist, her first language was Chinese.


Rod Davila

Miami artist Rod Davila draws inspiration for his artwork on the design principles of contextual awareness. Davila’s work is characterized by bold, iconic forms, with long and sweeping curves.  His sculptures use the available light in their environment, as if the artist were "painting" with highlights and shadows.


Zalizh Zalkind  - Sculptor

Stone carver and maker of contemporary vessels and objects. His work focusses on the use of natural and reclaimed materials to create modern artifacts, with the collision between ancient and modern in the 21st century.


Stan O’Neil - O'Neil's Arts - Glass blowing and metal forging.

Specialized in custom hand blown glass.  Stan O'Neil continues to add to his skills of working with hot glass.  He is frequently in his studio improving his blowing and glass sculpting skills.  In addition to working with hot glass, Stan also is a very talented metal worker.  He is always trying to combine the two skills to come up with unique art projects.


Patrick Murphy- Jewelry design

The rocks, gems, and minerals he works with are a logical extension of his lifelong interest in the natural world. JCK magazine recognized Murphy Design’s pioneering use of long tapered cabochons in contemporary jewelry when it called me “bullet king” in May 1989.


Laura Mendola – Glass blowing

A fulltime studio artist, Laura has been working in glass for over 40 years. She learned glass blowing and lampworking as a child and finds inspiration, beauty and strength in nature, on hikes and much time spent on the water.  Mendola has a BA in sculpture and ceramics, and a MS from the University of Alaska, Anchorage.


Joryel Vera – Jewelry design

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, international designer and artistic director, Joryel Vera has traveled the world interpreting a personal visual experience - from cityscapes to shapes and forms in nature garden, this is what inspires the classic and modern designs of his silver and gemstone jewelry collections.


Gerry Owen

Around 1993 while looking at a picture of the pyramids, Owen decided that if his ancestors were able to construct such awe-inspiring edifices, perhaps he should have some of those genes.  He picked up a hammer and chisel to find out.



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